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freelance digital marketing expert

Today’s audiences are drowning in information – so how do you cut through the noise?

To run successful digital marketing campaigns, you need to appeal to all of your audience’s sweet spots. That’s where I step in.

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Win-Win Digital Marketing Concept

Digital marketing doesn’t need to resort to pushy, hard-sell techniques. I believe in win-win marketing, where the goal is to create genuine engagement in your audience and in turn, a more committed customer. My experience has always combined creativity and conversion growth to get the best of both worlds.

Retain repeat business = double the benefits for the same marketing cost.

If your company is ready for the next level, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is another specialty, where your marketing dollars make a real difference. I find organizations that synergize with your brand, or if you are already engaged in CSR, I can effectively communicate your goodwill to the world.

The Creative Difference

In today’s technological world, creative digital marketing requires a multimodal approach to engage a diversity of customers.

That’s where my experience comes in. In the last 15 years, I have honed my skills in all the areas required to create an immersive marketing experience: SEO, marketing funnels, landing page conversions, UX, engaging writing, editing and fact-checking, image design, advertising campaigns, and more. By ticking all the boxes, I make sure your digital marketing campaigns don’t crash and burn by an overlooked weakness.

But the real question is: can you increase your conversions? Just tell me by how much, and I’ll tell you how.

Cultural Sensitivity in Niche Markets

Cultural sensitivity and niche audience marketing are important to avoid embarrassing blunders – but they are also goldmines for finding untapped areas of growth.

Why does this matter? You might have heard how Mitsubishi Pajero entered the Spanish market without knowing their car name translated to an excessive masturbator; or how KFC’s famous slogan ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ was translated in Chinese to the much less appetizing ‘Eat Your Fingers Off.’ Marketing dollars down the drain.

Then you have WeChat’s example when they entered the mobile payment sector. They successfully capitalized on a local Chinese tradition by digitizing the practice of sending red envelopes of money, a sign of good luck and prosperity – and grew some 900% in one year, reaching more than 30billion users.

As someone who has lived abroad for 15 years – including living in five countries and traveling to more than 40 – I draw on my multicultural experience to get the most successful results out of local campaigns. I am also bi-lingual in Spanish and English, which means you can target two of the top three most-spoken languages in the world.

Let’s Get Personal

What motivates me? What interests me? What gets me hot and bothered?

To start with, I applaud the invention of the internet but I abhor what parts of it have become. My constant mission is to improve online information by publishing factual and interesting information. Content should never be boring – and it should never be poorly cross-referenced.

When I’m not on an online crusade, I get excited by numbers and cold hard statistics. There is nothing more satisfying than running a campaign and quantifying the growth. Bringing in more conversions for my projects helps me sleep at night.

But I strongly believe in a healthy work-life balance, too. For fun, I am driven by adventure, travel, scuba diving, gourmet food, and great literature.

Hi, I’m Casey and I’m excited to take your business to the next level. Get in touch.
About Me

Ask me how I can help your business grow and improve your conversion rate. As a freelance digital marketing consultant, I’m ready to join your project today.

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