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Conversion Optimization

Are you ready for insane growth? We set the bar high, and then break it. We scale our pricing to your growth, so you never lose.

Creative Digital Marketing

It’s hard to cut through the noise. We use creative marketing to make your ads stand out from the crowd and create real engagement.

Expert SEO Consultancy

Your business doesn’t matter unless it ranks number one. We help you grab those coveted sweet spots for keywords that convert.

Custom Strategies

Your business is unique and dynamic. Each strategy is custom-tailored, with periodic reports to keep strategies on track with your needs.

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freelance digital seo content marketing consultant

About Me

Digital marketing doesn’t need to resort to pushy, hard-sell techniques. I believe in win-win marketing, where the goal is to genuinely engage your audience’s interest, and make them want more.

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How much growth do you want? 10 percent? 100 percent? 1,000 percent? If it sounds too good to believe, you had better click here. I show the results to prove it, and the strategies that got me there.

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Digital Marketing Services

Website Audits

Do you have technical, SEO, conversion or design issues? An audit ensures you’re not unintentionally being punished by search engines and users.

SEO and SEM Consultancy

We identify which keywords are vital for your business, then build out a multimodal strategy to achieve the top ranks.

Content Marketing

Stimulate genuine interest in your brand with valuable and relevant content. Our win-win approach helps attract specific audiences and drives customer action.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Why are your clients not converting? We do a conversion audit to determine where clients are falling through the cracks, and then we plug the holes.

Social Management and Marketing

It’s hard to cut through the noise. We build audiences that are dedicated to your brand, and use creative techniques to stand out and genuinely engage them.

Paid (PPC) Advertising

Together we determine a profitable PPC (Price-Per-Click) based on your customer LTV (Lifetime Value), so you never lose money on the cost of your conversions.

PR and Reputation Management

Public perception can make or break campaigns. We ensure every element transmits the right message – or react with quick, effective crisis control when required.

CSR and Cause Marketing

Adopting socially responsible or charitable elements in your business practices benefit the community, and builds a positive perception of your brand.

What People Say

Casey achieved top ranks for our business, today from which we receive 90% of our leads. She developed our website structure, market funnels, engaging content, and social media channels, driving organic traffic to 40,000 monthly visitors in a year.
–Founder of Parotas

Ignacio Albiol

Casey audited our business website to fix several issues that were affecting our ranking and sales. She trained me to manage my own SEO as a small business owner, plus researched the converting keywords for me to create content.
–Founder of Lavandula

Anaid Jimenez

Casey completed our copywriting tasks and community management within schedule. The work was to a very high standard with excellent content and grammar. I would use her services again.
–Founder of a luxury watch community

Mark R

About Me
digital marketing consultant

Passion For Growth

Great results are worth getting out of bed for. I thrive on cause and effect: creating strategies, then watching your business grow.

online marketing consultant

Result Driven

You can’t argue with cold hard numbers – and they guide all my strategies. I get a kick out of data analytics to find new avenues of growth.

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Creative And Technical

Working with the left and right sides of my brain means I thrive on producing creative strategies that are flawlessly executed.

expert freelance digital marketing

Work Smart, And Hard

I constantly review strategies to guarantee they will give the best results in the least time, and be adaptable to changing markets.

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Ask me how I can help your business grow and improve your conversion rate. As a freelance digital marketing consultant, I’m ready to join your project today.

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